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Having an Internet presence has never been so easy. Currently, there are more than 200 million active websites and many of them have been created by ordinary people like you and me.

Nowadays, anyone can create a website, regardless of their level of technical knowledge. We know it may seem complicated, but there are currently tools available that make the task easier. This article will provide you with a guide on how to create a website step by step and even the website with mobile version.

Web Development Services with Admira

A website can be created in two affordable ways for users without programming knowledge: with a web page editor or using WordPress. There is no doubt that web publishers such as Wix, Squarespace and Weebly are the best resource for users with little technical knowledge to be present on the Internet. They are perfect if:

  • You can not program
  • You want to focus on your content and strategy
  • You value the comfort of having all the tools in one place

For its part, WordPress is more appropriate in terms of:

  • Independence
  • Internal system control and advanced customization functions
  • Adaptability

How to Create a Web Page: Step by Step Guide

In this guide, we will approach the process of creating websites with both methods. You will be surprised how simple it can be, especially in the case of web page editors. If you follow our seven simple steps, you can create a website in just one hour.

Do you think it's OK? Well, let's go there ...

Option 1: Use a web page editor
Option 2: Use WordPress

How to make a web page using a web page editor

  1. Choose your web page editor
  2. Subscribe to the right plan
  3. Choose a domain name
  4. Choose your template
  5. Customize your template
  6. Preview and test your website
  7. Publish your site!

Step 1: Choose your webpage editor

Many people use web page editors to create a site. Wix's paid subscriber base is well above 3 million, while that of Shopify has recently exceeded 1.2 million.

For what is this? Web page editors allow anyone to create a website, regardless of their level of technical knowledge.

Web page editors take care of the technical aspects and allow you to focus on design and content. For this, some users resort to the templates, while others use "drag and drop" interfaces. Some even make their first steps with artificial intelligence to create the site automatically.

Therefore, choosing the right web page editor is extremely important. Each editor responds to different needs. Choosing the right one is essential to create a website that meets your requirements.


Which web page editor should you choose?

What is the best method to create a website, also and with Web Development Services Admira? What web page editor should I use? What is the easiest way to create a website? Every day we are asked questions. There are too many questions and too many editors. It's complicated, we know it.

Our team performs user tests and interviews, and carries out a meticulous follow-up of hundreds of functions on numerous products to provide you with a global perspective of the market. We want you to find editors that respond to your needs. Therefore, below we offer everything you need to know about the best web page publishers currently available.

We must make it clear that the editors included in the previous list are by no means the only ones that are worth considering. In general, they are the ones that show the best results in our studies, although, as we have already pointed out, the important thing is your needs. For example, is perfect for blogs, while Shopify is the leader in electronic commerce.

Define your priorities, consult our comparative table and our opinions, and decide for two or three editors that seem to fit your needs. Once you have made this preselection, you will be ready to start testing.

If you want to sell products through your website, read our guide to create an online store.


Step 2: Subscribe to the right plan

Once you have decided on a web page editor, you must subscribe to a plan. Web page publishers usually offer different plans. Each site has different requirements and each plan charges only for what you need.

It is a huge advantage that web developers do not offer and web page publishers do. Just by customizing the templates, a web developer can charge between € 250 and € 1000, and a completely personalized website created from scratch usually costs thousands of dollars. However, using an editor allows you to run a fully operational website for less than a coffee is worth.

The plan you choose will depend on your needs. Do you want to create a website to present your collection of works of art? Probably Wix's basic plan offers what you need for € 4.08 per month. Do you want to create a website that allows your business to receive thousands of visits and offer multiple accounts for your employees? In this case, the VIP plan, which costs € 24.50 a month, could be a more appropriate option.


Can you create a free website?

Yes, but with limitations. The free accounts of web page publishers do not allow access to many important functions. They do not allow using custom domains and the free site will display ads from the publisher in question.

If you want to learn how to create a website, the free options could be useful. However, if you want a professional website that offers a variety of options, you should pay at least a few dollars a month.


Step 3: Choose a domain name

A domain name is the part of the URL (the long address that appears in the search bar of your browser) that identifies a web page (in this case, your website). Although you can sign them up on your own at sites like GoDaddy and Namecheap, web page editors can do it for you when you subscribe.

Most publishers do it for free (at least at the beginning), while others charge a few extra dollars.

A domain name is one of the main ways to identify a website, so keep that in mind. Below, you will find some general rules for choosing a domain name.

It must be relevant. It may sound obvious, but it's worth mentioning. Make sure that the domain name corresponds to the content that users will access when they visit your site. If your company is called Vintage ™ Pants, do not register the domain funnyjokes.

It must be short or, at least, easy to remember. If you want users to remember your site, do not choose a domain name that contains lots of characters, as it will seem absurd.

Avoid the numbers. In general, it is better to avoid numbers in domain names. They usually reduce professionalism and add another element that users will have to remember.

Check that the name of the brand does not exist anymore. There are millions of sites on the Internet, which means that there are millions of registered domains. Before assigning yours, make sure it's different.

Once you have decided on a domain, you only have to register it as part of the registration process in the web page editor you have selected. Some of the most basic plans apply an annual renewal fee of approximately € 10, while payment plans usually include it.

Once I have my unique domain name, what happens if I want to transfer it?
This question is asked to us very often. Do not worry. When you buy a domain name (in a web page editor or independent domain registration site), you own it, so you can transfer it wherever you want.


Step 4: Choose your template

The templates provide a structure for your website. They are what allow you to create an attractive website without having to hire a designer.

The templates determine the color range, the header design of the home page and the menu bar, and the width of the content of your site, so it is essential that you choose the right one.

Regardless of the web page editor you have selected, you will have a wide variety of design templates to choose from. As a general rule, the better the plan, the greater the selection of templates that you can access.

These are just some of the categories that you will find when you start creating your own website:

  • Photography
  • Restaurants
  • Online stores
  • Collections
  • Blogs

Browse through different templates, try them out and assess if they meet your requirements. The purpose of the templates is to offer variety, so immerse yourself and find one that seems to offer what you want.


Step 5: Customize your template

As we explained in the previous step, the templates provide a structure. Given the amount of users that currently use editors to create websites, it is very likely that there are some with the same structure as yours.

At least, you will need to fill in a template that you have chosen with your own content. And, to really highlight, you must add a personal touch.

How is a website customized? In large part, it's up to you. Nowadays, web page editors are very flexible. The customization can include:

  • Add new pages to navigation
  • Change the size, colors and font of the buttons
  • Add new items such as contact forms and menus
  • Edit the gallery of images on your home page
  • Choose a different color range
  • Integrate or link with social media channels

Normally, free trials allow you to play with the templates to get an idea of ​​how easy it is to customize a website without spending a penny.


Step 6: Preview and test your website

Once you have chosen and customized your template, surely you will be impatient to publish and put into operation your website.

Always preview the changes on your website before publishing them. You must make sure everything works as you want. Some of the main questions you should ask yourself about your site are:

  • Are there grammatical errors or misspellings?
  • Do all the menu buttons work?
  • Does it serve a purpose?
  • Is the format uniform?
  • Does it work on desktop and mobile phone screens?
  • Does it load quickly?Is it optimized for search engines?

You have managed to get here.

Do not neglect It would be a great pity if you created your own website and published it unfinished.


How is a website previewed?

Web page editors make it much easier to preview the sites. Normally, you have to select the preview button in editor mode to check how your website would look. Most include an option that allows you to check how the site would look on screens of different sizes.

Important tip: ask someone else to test your website. If you do it alone, there will be aspects of improvement that you will overlook. Get another point of view. Ask family and friends to try the site and offer suggestions.


Step 7: Publish your site!

Once all these steps are finished, you should be ready. Before clicking on the "Publish" button, we will summarize the steps you should have followed to get here:

  1. Choose a web page editor
  2. Subscribe to the right plan
  3. Choose a domain name
  4. Choose a template
  5. Customize your template
  6. Preview and test your website

All ready? Cool! Click on "Publish." Your site is already published and in full view. Obviously, you can still customize it and develop it, but you have already made the leap. It's not exciting?

Anyone can create a website and learning to do it is, literally, free. Choose a couple of editors to test them and see what happens. You may end up creating something fantastic.

In general, of all the editors of web pages, Wix is ​​the one that offers the most advantageous and complete free plan.


Can I migrate my site from one webpage editor to another?

You can do it, but it's usually quite complicated. You will have to move most of the content (if not all) manually. Website publishers do not like abandonments very much.

That is why it is so important that you try several options before subscribing to one.


How long does it take to create a website?

In most of the editors, you can create your website in less than an hour. However, we do not recommend going in such a hurry.

The best way to create a website is to book a whole day to experiment with the software and refine the site.

However, creating a website can take much longer: it depends on how many pages you have and how much you need to customize them.


Will my site appear in the search engines?

Yes, if you create a website optimized for search engines. It is often believed that websites designed with publishers can not position themselves well: they can! For a website to appear on the first pages of Google results, good content and a little research is required on the basic concepts of search engine optimization (SEO).

Creating websites that users can find is essential for a website marketing strategy to work ... And getting it is not that difficult.

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