Developers Institute Aiming To Break The Tech Mould

Having successfully run a web-development pilot course at The Orchard in late 2019, the company's director Ruth Green-Cole is busy leading the ...
Developers Institute Aiming To Break The Tech Mould

Developers Institute, an innovative school for softwaredevelopers, is ready to break the mould of the tech worldnationally.

Based at The Orchard – Northland Inc’scollaborative business and event space for the region’sgrowing community of entrepreneurs, start-ups andestablished businesses – Developers Institute is committedto delivering industry-focused training that supportshigh-value opportunities in Northland through its unique,flagship web-development programme.

“We believe thatthe traditional methods of education in our industry are nolonger working, which is why we’re doing things a littledifferently at Developers Institute,” said CustomerExperience Manager Tamara Ross. “A critical part of whatwe do is that our software-development education isdelivered by experienced industry professionals – actualdevelopers themselves – who still cut code and deliver onreal client projects.

“Our curriculum is state ofthe art, agile, and focused specifically on preparingstudents for their professional future in software. As astudent, you’ll be learning in a studio-style environmentthat mirrors the real world, right down to the tools we use,discussing lunch options or sharing YouTubevideos.

“We deliver leading-edge course content inpursuit of our passion for technology, inspiring students tofind a true pathway to employment. Furthermore, we believethat our job isn’t complete until every one of ourstudents is employed.”

Joseph Stuart, GeneralManager of Business Innovation and Growth at Northland Inc,explained that the team had been working closely withDevelopers for a few years: “We’ve been particularlyimpressed by its focus on identifying a gap in the marketand commitment to making positive things happen for theregion. It’s a robust business, with a strong curriculumthat is industry-focused and industry-led, and one thatgenuinely prepares people for the workingworld.

“This is a great example of how Northland Incand The Orchard can create opportunities and support thedeployment of exciting businesses likeDevelopers.”

Having successfully run aweb-development pilot course at The Orchard in late 2019,the company’s director Ruth Green-Cole is busy leading thebusiness to the next level. The first full-time programmekicked off on Monday, 17 February, with furtheropportunities for students to enrol in April andJune.

The web development programme spans 36 weeks andis structured into four course areas: client-sidedevelopment, server-side development, full-stackdevelopment, and enterprise development. As part of a dailyhands-on learning experience, students will also beintroduced to leading-edge programming concepts, languagesand applications.

“The rave reviews from studentsoff the back of our pilot course proved that our style oflearning really works,” said Mrs Ross, who added that thecompany’s target-market for students was among the25-to-45-year-olds. “We want to encourage career-changers,upskillers and mums who want to go back to work, people fromas diverse backgrounds as possible. We want to help themrealise their potential and increase theirincomes.

“In addition, The Orchard is a greatenvironment to work in and has enabled us to become quicklyoperational. The facilities are brilliant and there’s acreative mind-set and buzz about the place that can’t failto have a positive impact on the students.”

Genievan Paassen, Business Growth Coordinator at The Orchard,believes the company is a natural fit for TheOrchard.

“Being able to support an enterprise likeDevelopers Institute to get up and running was why TheOrchard was set up,” she said. “From receivinginvestment through The Pick in 2018 [Northland Inc’sbusiness accelerator competition] to Northland Inc’sstrategic development support and industry connections,we’ve been able to work with Developers to lower the risksinvolved in a start-up launch, ease some administrativepressure, and provide a real-life working environment forbudding techies.

“The commitment to enriching theirhaukāinga, to bringing high-value opportunities toNorthland is right in line with The Orchard’skaupapa.”

To find out more information aboutDevelopers Institute’s Diploma in Web Developmentprogramme or apply, go to

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