Vintage Clothing Online: The 19 Best Vintage Stores You Can Shop On The Internet

Now a famed Instagram account, website and IRL shop, One Scoop Store ... Online you can browse easily and I try not to have hundreds of pages of ...
Vintage Clothing Online: The 19 Best Vintage Stores You Can Shop On The Internet

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From Etsy stores and Instagram shops, these are the best places to buy vintage, pre-loved and second-hand clothes online

The most clothes are, of course, the ones you already own.

However, styles change, bodies fluctuate in size and, occasionally, the itch for something new just can't be ignored. Thankfully, there is one (very stylish) way you can scratch said itch without (or minimally) contributing to fashion's carbon footprint: buy second-hand and .

Now, we love a charity shop as much as the next person, but it doesn't quite have the ease of your favourite e-retailer. However, we have a solution. Many of our favourite vintage sellers have ensured they have an online presence, which makes perusing their stock a whole lot easier.

Here are our favourite vintage sellers on Instagram and online...

Spanning homeware, womenswear and soon menswear is vintage shopping for the truly cool.

Founded by four London-based stylists and creatives Anu Odugbesan, Caitlin Moriarty, Londiwe Ncube and Safiya Yekwai, you can expect extremely reasonably-priced designer vintage pieces, such as a '90s YSL dress for only £90, from a trustworthy source.

'We want Atijo to inspire conscious consumption and celebrate style, culture and diversity. ' They told us. 'Additionally, we want to provide a more curated and elevated shopping experience to vintage and second-hand.

'We have editorial shots for all of our products and we provide the same luxury packaging experience (we’re also 100% plastic free) as leading retailers.'

A minimalist's dream, sells crisp and on-trend mid to high priced pieces in mint condition. If you're looking for cool AF workwear or even a bridesmaid dress, then look no further.

'As a life-long collector of vintage I wanted to inspire others to also rethink their fashion choices and consider vintage as an alternative to buying new, so when I left my job I thought it was the perfect opportunity and thus created .' Retold founder Clare Lewis told ELLE UK .

'At the core of Retold is the mission to make vintage and second hand clothing inspiring and accessible and for every person who chooses vintage over new it’s a step closer to creating positive change on a larger scale.'

Possibly the most joyful account on Instagram, sees owner Cassie O’Neill dancing in her vibrant vintage finds.

'When I started I had the mindset that I wanted to sell vintage in a contemporary way, by bringing fun and personality to my store.' 39 year-old O'Neill told us. 'I really think the dancing helps my customers see how each item moves.'

And, though you might come for the dancing, you'll stay for the reasonably-priced vintage stock that jumps era as smoothly as O'Neill's moves.

'Also, my stock isn’t lead by one trend or style direction. It’s an eclectic mix- I pick items that I think are beautiful, which means that 70s prairie dresses sit happily alongside 80s Avant Garde. I like to keep my followers guessing on what’s coming next.'

This cult pre-loved store, run by Holly Watkins, has existed in various forms for over a decade. Now a famed Instagram account, website and IRL shop, One Scoop Store runs the gamut of pre-loved pieces, with £10 high-street items to £100 designer treasures.

'I'm really happy when people say that One Scoop has introduced them to buying second hand for the first time.' Watkins told ELLE UK. 'I wanted to offer an edit, as most people are really overwhelmed going into a charity shop or vintage shop as the rails are crammed. Online you can browse easily and I try not to have hundreds of pages of stock as I don’t want people to feel overwhelmed.'

'One of my key aims is always to offer a range of affordable stock - so I'll have great brands like Gucci, Shrimps and Ganni ,but also a good high street edit, with prices starting from £10.'

Notable for its retro aesthetic and hyped-up drops, is one of the most delightful and highly-curated vintage shops out there.

Setting you back around the same price as a Ganni or Rixo dresses, this online store provides the perfect sustainable alternative to summer wedding guest dressing.

'I wondered whether I could start helping other people find dresses for special occasions.' Sarah Brand told ELLE UK of starting Another Matinee in August 2019, 'Then I started to imagine how I would style them up and where I would shoot them, for me that was just as big a part of it, presenting the dresses to people in a way they might not have imagined before.'

Something of a holy grail for fashion lovers, dubs itself as 'the best vintage site in the world' on its website and we're not disagreeing.

Pieces are regularly lent to A-listers such as and , but you can contact owner Cherie herself to buy part of her amazing high-end collection (that does have a price tag to match).

'I love finding the history behind pieces and really try to convey the stories of each of the things that I bring into the shop.' Vintage aficionado Cherie told ELLE UK of her shop Shrimpton Couture.

'I think because I truly love vintage as much, or more, as my most vintage-crazed clientele, I am as much of a fan as I am a dealer. I have a genuine excitement for what I do and I hope that it is contagious. I think that I do what I do in my own little way that is just a touch different then how anyone else is doing it.'

Soon to be launching their own clothing line, is the small france-based mid to high priced vintage shop we're currently swooning over.

'For us, Bonsergent Studio isn’t just a shop.' Co-founders Ben and Cris detailed to ELLE UK. 'It’s about doing what we love, offering things that we would wear ourselves, that we would buy, and being able to do it in the way that we want to.

'Our vintage collections are selected by shape, colour and material. and the quality of each piece and where it was made is essential to us.'

Working with over 350 thrift and consignment shop owners across France, is a veritable treasure trove of vintage pieces specialising in low to mid price separates like Austrian cardigans and Levi's jeans.

Though, if you're worried about feeling overwhelmed by their daily vintage drops, then look no further than their monthly edit by a different '', which provide a more curated edit. Plus, their website allows for you to filter through size, material and quality.

A German vintage store that was opened in 2018 by Dóra Földes, specialises in neutral colours in natural fabrics with modern trend-driven edits.

Mirroring fashion's love of all things collared and beige at the moment, the shop currently features a selection of removable collars and oat-coloured dresses for a mid to high price tag.

'Fashion trends go around in circles, and most of it already existed before.' Földes told ELLE UK. 'Why buying newly produced pieces, when you can find it all vintage?'

Manchester-based should be your go-to for low cost and fun second-hand items.

'Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, from washing the garments to shipping out orders.' 's 29-year-old founder told ELLE UK. 'Our aim is to make buying sustainable clothing as easy as possible so we hold ourselves accountable, so that you can shop without any guilt.'

One of Margate's most treasured vintage shops also sells online, meaning you can grab a slice of Kent-based wherever you are.

Georgie Robertson has created a compact collection of low price pieces that often celebrate colour and print.

'I believe in styling true vintage to curate a collection of wearable, affordable and accessible high fashion-style pieces for the modern woman who cares about sustainability.' Roberton told us about her shop.

After working for over 15 years in the fashion industry, 36-year-old Nicci Fletcher opened her vintage shop, , to reflect her personal shopping preferences. A mass clear-out of her clothes proved her most treasured items had lived a life before her, so in July 2019 she began sourcing and selling mid price pieces from Laura Ashley to Aquascutum.

'It’s basically stuff I want to wear: sourced, prepped and ready for everyone else to enjoy because it makes me happy seeing beautiful things go on to have a second life, a Second Story.' Fletcher explained.

Founded by Lauren Lepire just under 20 years ago, has evolved from dormroom and eBay start-up to Beverly Drive storefront and website that sees pieces being bought by the likes of the FIDM museum and costume designers to be featured on Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

'Customers can find a super rare 1930 Chanel haute couture cape, a 1959 Yves Saint Laurent for Dior coat, and lifetime Alexander McQueen gown all in our store.' Lepire told us of her high-end (which is reflected in pricing) collection. 'We also pride ourselves in finding pieces that are as pristine as possible, viewing these designs as true works of art that deserve a new home.'

Perhaps you aren't aware, but charity shop has one of the best - and biggest - online vintage platforms out there.

With hundreds of items added daily, the site boasts over 150,00 items priced between £2.99 and £700, ensuring you'll experience that in-store charity shop feel of unearthing a true treasure.

'All the fashion sold on the Oxfam Online Shop fights poverty and saves the planet too.' Oxfam Online's shop manager Holly Bentley told ELLE UK, 'It’s donated to us, which means we give garments a second chance to be sold, slowing down the fast fashion cycle and preventing good clothes ending up in landfill.

'Oxfam uses the money it makes from selling fashion to help the world’s poorest people access the basics in life, like clean drinking water, sanitation, education - especially for girls, and we fight for people to be paid a fair wage for a day's work and be protected from the impact of climate change.

'Shopping on the Oxfam Online Shop really does help make the world a kinder, fairer place for everybody.'

If you wear your heart on your sleeve then look no further than romantic vintage store .

Run by 33-year-old Kelsey Burns in Canada, The Faraway features dreamy silk slips and perfect old denim for a mid-range price point.

'I source on the road often and photograph each piece in a thoughtful way.' Burns said of her shop.

'I would love for the faraway to be more than a piece of clothing, but a whole vision that feels lovely and dreamlike.'

Specialising in super-wearable items, provides the well-priced staples you need to build a sustainable wardrobe.

'The things I source for the site are all things that I personally love and would wear or use in my own life.' Ex-Creative & Marketing Manager for London Fashion Week founder Gwynnie Burrows told ELLE UK. 'I want to look good but I also need my clothes to work in real life and have longevity.'

One for the summer-lovers out there, is a vibrant and fun shop full of punchy colours and bold prints and a low to mid price point.

'I love colourful prints and really daring, feminine cuts.' 29 year-old shop owner Emily Sturgess told ELLE UK of Medley Bazaar. 'I would say I specialise in eye-catching dresses and gravitate towards the '70s and '80s.'

Sister stores and are both run by Kimberley Nicolson-Moelle. Whilst Strobe is a high-end collection of largely '70s pieces, Strange Moon features cheaper, but no less beautiful, separates, meaning there is something for everyone.

'Everything I choose is a reflection of me and my character. It must be one of a kind, rare.' Nicolson-Moelle explained to ELLE UK. 'I take inspiration from music culture and street style and try to find the vintage equivalent. I love mixing modern with vintage to give that individual edge.'

US-based is full of the clothes you dream of owning, and whilst it's far from cheap, the quality of curation speaks for itself.

'I provide a unique experience for my customers, through the use of Shoppable editorials and photographic storytelling. ' Devore Vintage owner Hannah Conzelman Joseph told ELLE UK, 'I only sell garments that I would wear, and style with all of my own antique jewellery and mix in current designer pieces.

'My main goal is to showcase my antique collection so as to be functional and relevant in present day.


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