The benefits of NodeJS and reasons to choose it for your project

Whenever developing a web app or any similar kind of project, the key ... First of all, the development of an application with Node.js is quite faster and ...
The benefits of NodeJS and reasons to choose it for your project

Whenever developing a web app or any similar kind of project, the key factor is efficiency. The longer a project actually takes, the more costly it essentially becomes. It means you are more likely to end up looking for different ways to complete the next web project in less time.

In such a case, Node.js may easily be the answer that you are looking for. It not only produces high-performing web apps, but it also completes it faster than many of the other frameworks.

Node.js has certainly been enjoying the attention of web developers since its launch, and most of them are changing into full-time Node.js developers.


Essentially, this open-source runtime environment, which is also cross-platform, has been basically written in JavaScript that makes it a great choice for  for the purpose of real-time applications. It is light, scalable, as well as efficient.

Considering these reasons and much more, Node.js is popularly used for the development of web servers, mobile apps, and real-time applications. Node.js essentially works by combining the V8 JavaScript engine of Google, an event loop along with low-level I/O API, in order to handle more concurrent requests in comparison to Apache.

Basically, it does this by means of processing requests in the loop instead of creating a new thread of everyone. This event-driven I/O model has essentially proven to be quite a powerful solution for every Nodejs development company.

Benefits and Reasons to choose Node.js for Your Project

Irrespective of the functionality of web apps that you are developing, Node.js is quite worthy in case of consideration. Let’s discuss different reasons to choose it for your project.

1. Enhances Flexibility and Development Speed

First of all, the development of an application with Node.js is quite faster and needs fewer lines of code in comparison with Java. A case study conducted by Jeff Harrell of PayPal found that a team utilizing Node.js was quite able to complete the same project much sooner than the Java developers team.

Also, two teams comprising of Node.js developers and Java developers, the team of Node.js developers, completed the project much earlier than the team of Java developers. Also, the Node.js team utilized thirty-three percent fewer lines of code in order to produce a comparable result.

One of the brilliant things about Node.js is that it is essentially a JavaScript-based system. Most of the developers are quite familiar with this kind of coding, which makes it easier to learn rather than if you were starting from the beginning.

Furthermore, Node.js utilizes the same language for both client and server sides. It streamlines development and even brings the entire learning curve down as you don’t actually have to work in more than one particular language.

Also, Node.js needs fewer lines of code, which means fewer files to work with.

Among the main features of Node.js is its library of modules that makes it quite powerful. These tools can easily be found in the NPM or Node Package Manager and offer lots of pre-coded functionalities for utilization in the development.

Essentially the need to collaborate certainly causes issues in website development projects. It can easily slow down the entire process.

Fortunately, Node.js consists of synchronization features for the purpose of managing client and server-side coding. Certainly, one way to achieve this is by utilizing the same programming language for not only the client but also the server-side.

It even enables components to be easily shared as well as synchronized as required, which makes coding quite easier.

Basically, Node.js products web apps much faster than those created with different popular languages, including Java. For the , it is a quite appealing feature.

Node.js does this by means of operating on a particular single thread, allowing it to handle over a million concurrent connections right at once. Along with this, its utilization of JavaScript makes it easier to transfer JSON data, which is the most common interchange present on the web that is lightning fast.

Node.js is readily supported by a growing community. Owing to its popularity, it has a certainly large group of web developers creating new modules for it all the time.

Along with this, there are numerous Node.js active forums, where the developers of  can ask other developers different questions and get the assistance they require for the project. Also, it has rather strong support from different leading companies like Trello, Uber, Medium, and much more.

Web development has picked up the pace with the introduction of the latest languages allowing developers to develop intuitive, robust, and scalable web applications. However, choosing the right framework and language remains a constant concern.

Node.js has appeared as a viable solution for this. It has numerous benefits, which are duly mentioned above.

Reasons to choose Node.js for your project are discussed in detail. 

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