Notice of Privacy

You have certain rights in relation to your data, including the right to object to prosecution based on legitimate interests, the creation of profiles (including the use of custom and similar audiences), and direct marketing.

You can exercise your rights at any time by writing to us. See the following sections for more information about our processing and your rights.

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Website Admira (hereinafter "our site") is an online resource that offers information and news about technology and other related topics.

Side of us
Website Builder Expert is a brand of Marketing VF Limited ("MVF", "we" or "our").

What data we collect and how we use it

Subscription to our news bulletins, guides and offers:
You can subscribe to our newsletters and offers (hereinafter, the "E-mails") by completing and sending the web form available on our site. The web form will ask for your email address.

If you subscribe, we will send you an email with a link where we will ask you to confirm your email address and your subscription. If you click on the link, we will send you our emails periodically. You can cancel your subscription to our e-mails at any time.

Publication of comments:
If you post any comments on our site, you must provide us with your name and email address. If we approve your comment, we will publish it on our site with the name you provide. Your email address will not be published and we only request it to avoid sending spam.

Communication with us:
We will receive information about you (eg your name and email address) if you contact us through our site, or by email or post.

If you contact us, we will use your information to respond to your inquiry and communicate with you.

Creating custom or similar audiences:
We can collaborate with Facebook, Google and other platforms (hereinafter, "Platforms") to show you advertisements. We also use Platforms to reach other people who wish to use our sites and our service.

We do this in two ways. In both cases, your data, along with other data, is used to create a personalized or similar audience.

When an audience is shared with a Platform, the data is first submitted to encryption and pseudo-anonymization, which means that any data from the public that could identify a person is replaced by an artificial identifier.

So the process is safe. In addition, we do not share more data than necessary in order to create the public.

Custom public: a personalized public is a list of existing users of our sites and our service (hereinafter, "existing users"). Periodically, we will share it with the Platforms. As we have explained before, the data is first submitted to encryption and pseudo-anonymization. The Platform uses this audience to show our ads to existing Users.

Similar public: a similar audience is an audience created by the Platform. Periodically, we will share a list of existing Users with the Platforms.

The Platform uses this list to find and create similarities, that is, other users of the Platform that have characteristics similar to the existing Users, to which our ads show.

Again, as we have explained before, the data is first submitted to encryption and pseudo-anonymization.

Transfer your data
We can transfer your data to countries that do not belong to the European Economic Area (hereinafter, the "EEA").

Some of these countries have a decision to adapt the European Commission, which means that they are considered to offer an adequate level of data protection.

Other countries do not have the same level of legal protection as the EEA countries, or with a decision of adequacy. If we transfer your data in this way, we will take measures to ensure that they are protected at the same levels that apply in the EEA, which may include, for example, checking that the organization receiving the data is registered in the privacy shield EU-EE UU (in case of transfers to the United States) or that we use the clauses of the EU contract model.